Practicing the vowel ĀH

As I mentioned before, when practicing the vowels I consciously concentrate on open, clear Italian vowels because they are the best help to discover the correct resonance form setting and the connection with the diaphragm. From old voice training textbooks we know that the Italians based their practice mainly on the vowel ĀH, which in its Italian form naturally sets the mouth form into a smile. This shape of the mouth brings on the ideal resonance form. The image of the initial voicing of the vowel ĀH helps you to activate your diaphragm creating the basis for the mutual interconnection of both supports. I base the other vowels practicing on this happy ĀH shape of the mouth (an expression of a "happy surprise").

Since the vowel ĀH has a great tendency to "fall back" in the English language, I strongly recommend learning the Italian version first and only then trying to handle all its other nuances.

Setting your mouth into a "happy ĀH expression" ( "happy ĀH surprise" trick F35

If the happy expression in the photo seems exaggerated and you are wondering how you should sing a dramatic part, a simple children's song or a folksong with this grimace, you definitely have nothing to worry about. In the initial stages of practicing, you will have to discover a new path for your voice and in order to discover the working of the inner muscles you have to exaggerate the work of the external muscles. Basically using your external facial muscles in an exaggerated but not cramped will at least partially activate the inside muscles and will help you understand how to work with your voice. When you will control your voice fully, it will be the other way around. Intense internal work will show itself only minimally in your expression.

This means that you can also sing with an unhappy, frowning or vague expression in your face because when you maintain the connection between your diaphragm and your cavities, you will be able to control your voice.

Mastering the happy ĀH trick, leading to resonance activation, is so important, that I have decided to dedicate a separate exercise 18) "happy ĀH surprise" trick (resonance form) to it.