Exercise 11 - Singing like toddlers

Practical exercise to set head resonance using humming
First try to hum the song using the “thumb in the mouth” trick. It is useful to use the image that the children are toddlers sucking their thumbs and making little sounds as they suck D316.

Exercise 12 - Singing the word Mum

Practical exercise for flexible lip articulation while maintaining head resonance
The children sing the melody of the song using the word Mum, as in the exercise 21) Playing with the word Mum in Lesson 5. D183a D183b D317

Exercise 13 - Singing dog

Practicing the jaw relaxation while maintaining the head resonance
The children try to sing the song like a dog using the syllables BOW-WOW (see exercises 12) Singing dog and 13) Singing dog - variant 2 in Lesson 5 D318