Absence of active singing in families

During our grandmother's days, singing was still an inevitable part of everyday lives. It was not an exception to hear a mother putting her child to sleep by singing a lullaby. Unfortunately, today the need for music has been transformed for many people into a passive acceptance of „reproduced" musíc which is often of very low quality. The mother's singing has been replaced by constant sounds which are everywhere, coming from the radio, television, stereos and personal musical systems. In many cases it would be better for children to listen to an euphonic silence.
A busy life can cause a stressful atmosphere which may result in parents not supporting their children in singing. They often even prevent the children from singing. The parents' „peace" is bought at the expense of the children's singing ability. This may even lead to the children losing their ability to speak with a sonant voice, since if not trained, the muscles needed for voice formation will gradually weaken and lose their necessary efficiency.