Poor physical condition

Few people realize that the entire body participates during a correct formation of the voice. In the same way that an athlete can not achieve good results when his body is not trained, the voice can not work correctly when the body is not in a good physical condition. The sedatory way of life of the majority of adults means that even their children may not move enough. This is even more likely with city children, who due to the lack of other options will spend long hours at the PC after getting home from school. Vital muscles are not flexible and trained and in many cases may cause an incorrect body posture. A crouched back causes the chest to curve and that in turn prevents the correct way of breathing, a prerequisite for the correct voice formation. Some children are not even capable of standing up straight, because their back muscles are weak. In general, when the entire body does not function well, the voice can not function correctly either.
Today, this problem is so widespread that I have decided to include an entire set of exercises that correct this problem. You can find them in Exercises to restore the proper muscle functions that are necessary for a correct singing posture in Lesson 1.